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Videos can boost your website’s traffic overnight, there’s no doubt about it. Online videos have been proven to work for website owners, and they are the most powerful weapon in any affiliate’s arsenal.

Yesterday I got a review copy of  Video Niche Dominator. It was so freaking awesome that I’ve decided to do a full review about it.

Here’s my honest review about Video Niche Dominator and 3 reasons why Video Niche Dominator can skyrocket your affiliate sales.

Reason #1 – Automation

The most important thing for you as an affiliate marketer is to automate your marketing effort. By having tools that do the dirty work for you, you have more time to invest in yourself, in your family, and in expanding your online business. This tool is simply incredible because it automates the hard work of video creation. Instead of working hour for a single video promotion, you can simply paste a keyword list into the software, click a few times here and there, and you’ve just made up to 8 professional videos that will make you money day in, day out.

If you’re serious about making money online, this software is going to explode your business with FREE targeted traffic from Youtube, Metacafe, Daily motion, and many other video sites.

Reason #2 – Mass Creation

If you’re familiar with video marketing, you probably know that there are software and website tools
that you can use to create videos fast. What really pulled my attention in this awesome software is that you can create up to 8 videos at a time, and it only takes a minute or two to produce your money making videos.

All that is left for you to do is to upload your videos to video sites, while you create more and more videos to ensure that you’re maximizing your profits. The best thing about this software is that you don’t have to be a computer geek in order to use it. As I mentioned, the hardest work YOU have to do is paste your niche keywords into the software, and with just one click you have your videos ready to distribute on video sites.

Reason #3 – Money

The most important reason is MONEY. If you have hundreds of video out there promoting your affiliate offers, you will see the money rolls in faster than you can imagine. People like to watch videos, so if you’re there on the right moment when they need some sort of product, you have a guaranteed sale. Making money online is not as easy at it used to be back at the time, and if you’re trying to make money online, you kn ow exactly what I’m talking about. But hey, with such a powerful tool in your arsenal, making affiliate sales is more than possible, it’s guaranteed!

  Click here to get Video Niche Dominator FREE!

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Great Blog…check it out!

FTC Survival Guide and the Webmasters Legal Guide  prepared by an attorney The FTC released new guidelines that affect ALL INTERNET MARKETERS. There has been lots of talk about the rules. Many just have their heads in the sand ASSUMING what they do is legal and they have nothing to worry about. Not so. The FTC is starting to get real aggressive to send a message. No one is too big or too small to escape notice. Especially if one of your customers … Read More



Just wanted to let you all know about a great FREE web hosting service I use.
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OH BTW..they have upgraded their FREE service to include 1500 MB SPACE!!!!!
Free Website Hosting

 Over the next five courses we’ll look at several different ways that you can profit from someone else’s content. Hopefully this will spark some creative ideas that will help you grow your business.

Let’s start by looking at exactly what PLR content is – and what it isn’t.

PLR content means different things to different people. But overall, it refers to content that you are given rights to use by the original author. You can add your name as the author, change it, add to it, sell it and sometimes even give it away (be sure to always check the rights for any PLR content you’re thinking about using).

What you cannot usually do with PLR content is let someone else have PLR rights to it. In other words, you cannot give someone else the ability to use the content as their own.

If you’ve never used PLR content before, you may be wondering what is so special about it. After all, you could write the content yourself and not pay anything. Or hire a ghostwriter and have exclusive access to the content.

While both of these statements are true, it’s important to remember that everything in business is a trade off. Especially when your business is young.

For every hour that you spend writing your own content, that is one less hour that you are working on marketing your business. Too many online marketers spend almost all of their day writing and never work on driving traffic to their sites.

Or they hire ghostwriters and go into debt to have content written. As a result they have nothing left to run paid ad campaigns and have to rely on only free methods, which often means a much slower growth rate for their business.

PLR content gives online marketers the best of both worlds. Content that they don’t have to write – but that is semi-exclusive.

This allows them to quickly fill up their websites and blogs with great content. Put together issues of their newsletter. Create new products and giveaways. Whatever content they need, they can get it quickly and inexpensively.

And with a solution like PLRWholesaler, you can get thousands of pieces of content at no charge. It doesn’t get any easier than that to get started with PLR.

Check out PLRWholesaler CLICK HERE

In the next part of this series, we’ll discuss what to look for in PLR content.

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Traffic Monster

Our main Traffic Monster website is back up and running ( for now!)..

We exceeded our bandwidth about halfway through December so they shut us down for a bit. So why not stop in ( before we exceed bandwith again) and have a look around. There are a lot of great articles and ides there for getting Targeted FREE TRAFFIC to your website,blog,video…etc.

Leave us a comment and feel free to link back to your site.

Heres to a new year of FREE TRAFFIC for all!



I have been getting tons of emails asking me if you really can make money on the internet. The answer is YES..

So I posted a short video on the subject…FREE INTERNET MONEY VIDEO

so watch the video and if you need any ideas just leave me a comment either here or there and I’ll help you out…


The first question everyone asks me is “How do you manage to get so much traffic it exceeds your allotted bandwidth?” ( re: )…the answer   it takes some work. I didn’t just put up a site and have that kind of traffic the next day. It takes a little time and some effort on my part.

On of the first things I did when getting into internet marketing (and if your already doing this your ahead of the game) was join a bunch of mailing lists. I have 5 email accounts with well over 30 thousand emails in each. Why? Well the answer is simple. I want to know what everyone else is doing to get traffic. I have a hard drive full of ebooks on traffic building. And I read every one.

About 90% of the ebooks and about 60% of the emails are the same ,rehashed crap! Article marketing,Adwords,forums……blah blah blah!  Antique ideas at best. Sure you can get traffic from these sources..thats if you have all day to sit in front of your computer writing articles and submitting them.Or posting in Forums..or you want to pay out the ass ( excuse me) for Adword marketing…etc.

This is a new age..a new world of marketers. That’s where the 10%-40% come in. Thats where the real meat of marketing lies. People with new ideas or new ways to do old things.

I’m not going to go into the whole ” first set up a website and fill it with good content before you advertise speech”. I’m starting this blog from scratch and am starting my advertising  just to prove a point. The point is you can get traffic to any website no matter what it has to offer without spending a dime.

Have you ever wondered how some people seem to get swarms of traffic to their sites for free?

You may have been told it’s all about ranking high on search engines such as Google and that in turn depends on getting backlinks.
Yeah, right! How’s the ordinary person supposed to understand any of this?
Haven’t you ever wished someone would simplify all this for you so that you just have a to click a few buttons?

Well today I want to recommend a script to you that does just that.
Yes, it’s true you can just install the script, paste in your website address and press some buttons.
That’s it.

Free Backlinks Generator

Oh, and there’s also two upgraded versions available so watch out for the customise your order page!

These give you massive additional benefits:

You can add your own name and website link to the script and give it away or sell it.
When people install the script on their sites you then get additional backlinks to your site and also traffic. There’s one more benefit as well – your Affiliate ID is also stored in the script so you get commission on any sales of the upgraded scripts made when someone clicks on your links (including links in the scripts you gave away!)

This is a very viral system and once you start it the links, traffic and commissions grow almost by themselves. (Actually via other people doing the work for you but you get the idea.)

I  highly recommend you grab a copy of this script while it’s FREE.

Free Backlinks Generator

Get some quality back links going and youll be on your way to getting Server Crashing traffic

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